“Plainview” farming is a family owned and operated business situated in Northwest NSW in Australia, by Matthew and Sonia Harris, and their 4 children.

The property “Plainview” is situated approximately 47km north east of Walgett in a hamlet called Cryon, and is approximately 7824 HA. In addition to “Plainview”, our second property “Waverley”, is located 50 kilometres North of “Plainview”, in the village of Rowena. “Waverley” is approximately 2209 HA in size. Total land holding being 10033 HA.

Soils on the Cryon and Rowena properties are level, open, black, self-mulching plains. To find out more about our farming and contracting operations, along with what machinery we currently run and operate as part of our farming and contracting business, click on the “About Us” tab to the right of your screen.

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